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> 10 W/mK

\BW TG-O.C7 Thermal Grease - 4gr / w/RB\

BW TG-O.C7 Thermal Grease - 4gr / w/RB
item number: A 1908

  • Thermal Conductivity 12.56W/mK
  • Specific Gravity 2.8g/cm
  • Temperature Stability -50C to 250C

    Top-quality heat sink compound with nano technology and high-purity thermal conducting materials Excellent thermal conduction thanks to its fine molecular structure produced by nanoscale treatment

  • Non-electrical conductive
  • High chemical stability
  • Non-corrosive
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Non-toxicity
  • Non-volatility
  • Non-flammability
  • User friendly -causes no irritation to human skin

    O.C7 is a top-quality heat sink compound developed most recently by nano diamond technology.

    Made with high-purity thermal conducting materials, O.C7 exhibits excellent thermal conduction thanks to its fine molecular structure produced by nano scale treatment.

    O.C7 can withstand long-term storage, it does not easily solidify.

    Special features

    Contain at least 10% nano diamond.

    1. Diamond has the best thermal conductivity.

    Its thermal conductivity is even better than copper and silver.

    2. Nano diamond is very light and small.

    When mixing it with other material of O.C7, it will not congregate at certain area. This ensures stable quality in every bit of O.C7. The almost liquid like diamond can fill up every tiny space between the CPU and cooler to form the most contact area to cool down the temperature.

    3. Diamond is non-electrical conductive.

    * It will not cause short-circuit like copper or silver.

    * It will not harm your CPU, motherboard and VGA card.

    * It promises a safe usage and protects your hardware.

    Better performance in CPU of higher wattage.

    The higher the CPU wattage, the better the thermal grease performance is. Heat from CPU will help to activate the thermal grease.

    It is an intelligent product, not like other thermal grease having same performance at different temperature.

    It is perfect for high end gamer and over-clocker.

    Comparing to other products using diamond as cooling material

    We own the technique in making diamond to small particles and the technique in select and pick diamond particles.

    After above process, some diamond particles are still too big to have the best performance.

    * Our technique helps to pick out those bigger particles to control the size of diamond particles.

    * All nano diamonds inside O.C7 are smaller than 20nm.

    Nano diamonds in smaller size increase the contact area to CPU and cooler even more. This ensures better performance.

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