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PSU 250W ENP-250 80+ Bronze Flex EUP RoHS

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    Small but OHO! This is the motto of this 250W power supply in Flex ATX form. Despite its small size, it has a remarkable energy efficiency (80Plus Bronze).
    It is the ideal power supply for small computer cases.

    Input Range:
    [AC full Range]
    Dimensions: 150mm x 81,5mm x 40,5mm
    Ventilation:  Fan Speed control
    MTBF: 100k hours
    Safety: CE, Nemko

    connector QTY length [mm]
    20+4pin  1 390
    ATX 12V (4pin) 1 510
    4pin big (Molex) 2 340
    Floppy (4pin small) 1 180
    SATA 2 390 / 340 / 180

    Model Output Voltage Power range
       +3.3V  +5V  +12V1  +12V2  -12V  +5VSB
    ENP-250 80+  Min.  0.1A  0.2A  0.6A  0.6A  0.0A  0.0A 250W
     Max.  13A  14A  18A  18A  0.3A  2.0A

    • +5VSb is a SELV standby voltage that is always present when AC mains voltage is present
    • The maximum combined load on +5V and +3.3V outputs shall not exceed  80W
    • The maximum continuous average DC outputs power shall not exceed 250W       
    • The maximum peak total DC outputs power shall not exceed  270W        
    • When +12V load is 14A,the Min load of +5V is 2A
    • +12V total DC output power shall not exceed 225 W
    • Peak total output power not to exceed 12 seconds in duration



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